Laura Buchanan [Man Dear II] on Pitter Pattern

Laura Buchanan, surface pattern designer and artist from County Donegal, Ireland.

She has exhibited across the UK and Ireland since 2008. Her work has been purchased across the world through galleries, craft fairs, her Etsy shop and a variety of retailers including Target.

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Carnovski's RGB Animalia 2 wallpaper| Pitter Pattern

Carnovsky’s RGB project makes my heart miss a beat. The wonderful colours, the textures, the subjects… I so want one of my walls covered with one of their fabulous wallpapers!

Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla are the Milan based art and design duo behind these imaginative creations. The RGB project was born in 2010 as an installation during Milan Design Week at J&V showroom, but it’s still an ongoing experiment.

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